Allow me to school you a little.

Life does not listen to a man who saw the opportunity but nonchalantly neglected it. Life gives you what you negotiate and the result depends on your negotiation. People at the highest hierarchy today didn’t get there by mouth. The rich and those at the peak of wealth didn’t just get there.

They paid the sacrifice.

They fought to get there.

They grabbed and maximized opportunities.

They invested their time, their money, their life, their attention.

They understood that risk is necessary and a necessity for growth.

They saw opportunities in risks and explored opportunities.

They never joke with landed properties or real estate. No year passes without a concrete investment.

We keep making blunders saying the rich are stingy but we never wanted to know the painful sacrifices they paid. I am experiencing the same pain. Stand up and make your life count. You’re responsible for the quality of your life.

Understand this – It is not the current work you do or the salary you earn, but the investment you secure.


Be wise and act now!

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