One of my clients in our first estate, Elites Parks and Gardens asked me a salient heartfelt question and I was awestruck for a few seconds.
Her question was: “What is wrong for a woman or lady to also own landed properties?”

In Africa, most especially in Nigeria, women are dependent and mostly solely rely on the financial contribution of their husbands or even for the unmarried, their fiance before going into investments but the system of things have gradually changed over a couple of years now. The tides have changed.

A friend of mine has an estate which has 75% of female patronage and had to initiate a nice concept for them. He named it Ladies’ Garden. As long as men/guys strive to engage in profiting investment plan, ladies can do same.

Very soon, Mbraiz Innovations would develop a special package for ladies investors and this would be a wow💪

Invest now and stop waiting and wasting time.


It is not about the current work you do or the salary you earn, but the investment you secure.

Be wise and act now!

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