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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I buy properties with Mbraiz Innovations?

  • Our land is free from Government acquisition and there is no Omo-Onile Palava
  • All our estates are strategically located in regions with amazing prospects. They are located in areas where we can find development such as recreational centres, hospitals, Schools/Colleges, industries, and other estates etc. within the neighbourhood.
  • Our offers fall amongst the most affordable yet valuable offer in the market. We are driven by our vision and not just by profit.
  • We maintain a very convenient and flexible payment plan.
  • We deliver as promised, and that is one of our core values.
  • Investment in landed properties within our estates attracts amazing returns. You can buy and resell.

Is there any limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

Allottees are encouraged to take actual physical possession of land and start development six months after allocation. Note that by physical possession, it may be a corner piece to identify your portion within an estate.

What is the size of a plot of land in our Estates?

Typically, plot sizes vary from place to place. However, our basic land size is 484sqm per 242sqm. However, subscribers who want larger plots are free to acquire two or more plots.

Is there any encumbrance on the land?

The land is free from every known Government Acquisition/Interests and there is no adverse claimant.

Are there any restrictions to the type of buildings I can build?

You only permitted to build residential houses e.g. Bungalow or Duplex within areas designated for such and commercial houses where designated.

What other payment do I have to pay aside the cost of land?

The additional payments that will be requested will cover:
1. Individual Survey
2. Legal deeds, and
3. Developmental Levy; all of which do not have a fixed price due to unexpected price reviews by the Government and the professional bodies involved.

When and how am I expected to pay the above fees?

The above fees are payable on or before issuance of allocation letter especially Individual Survey and Legal Deed. Payments for developmental levy may come after you have taken actual physical possession of your land. All payments can be paid in instalments.

How do I make payment?

All payments are to be paid only in favour of MBRAIZ INNOVATIONS either in Cheques, Bank Draft or transfer into bank accounts designated by us. All deposits are to pay in subscribers name for easy reconciliation. Contact us by phone or email for our account details.

How do I contact you?

You can reach out to us by sending us an email through enquiry@mbraizinnovations.com. You can also fill the feedback form and we will reach out to you promptly.

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