The little experience I have had with people in procuring landed properties has been amazing and some are pathetic.

I met a man early this year, trying to market our properties to him but his regrettable experience shocked me.

He said, Femi, I would have become so rich and wealthy in properties if I had complied to an offer many years ago.

Someone approached me to buy a plot of land at Surulere in Lagos many years ago, then it was Forty Thousand Naira (N40, 000). I had the money but refused to buy because it looked like a village. It was a bush and I thought it wouldn’t even develop in the next 40 years.

Femi, I travelled to South Africa, and after a few years when I returned to Nigeria, I could not recognize Lagos again. I settled finally in Nigeria and wanted to buy landed property since age is running out. I called the guy who introduced Surulere to me to take me back there. Femi, I cried when I saw GTBank on the same plot I was shown. They told me the current value of that land is N24 million

I regretted my foolish decision to see the place as a bush instead of seeing the future value of the property. Femi can you imagine the difference, from N40, 000 to N24m?

Majority of us want a developed location we cannot afford at the moment instead of considering the location that we can afford but will appreciate over time. We are responsible for the decisions we make and it is vital we consider the promising and near future before making decisions.

It is easy to buy the future. All you need do is act now!


It is not about the current work you do or the salary you earn, but the investment you secure.

Be wise and act now!

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